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Is it Time to Assist In Your Elderly Loved One’s Care? A Checklist

There’s no one definitive sign that your elderly loved one needs help with their care. However, there are usually a number of different signs that may surface. Below is a helpful checklist to consider:

  • Do you find yourself worrying about the safety of your loved one?
  • Do you call more frequently to “check in” on your loved one?
  • Have you been stopping by your loved one’s residence more frequently?
  • Do you find yourself completing more chores for your loved one, such as mowing the lawn or house cleaning?
  • Has your loved one’s housekeeping or hygiene become a concern, such as lack of bathing or wearing dirty clothes?
  • Has your loved one had accidents or “close calls” while driving?
  • Have you noticed safety and security issues in his or her home, such as placing mail or newspapers on the stovetop, obstacles on the floor that may be a fall risk, or forgetting to lock the doors?
  • Have you noticed old or expired food left out or in the refrigerator?
  • Has your loved one experienced a recent weight change?
  • Is your loved one susceptible to marketing or telephone scams?
  • Does your loved one frequently misplace items such as a purse, keys, cell phone, or remote?
  • Have you taken over the responsibility of scheduling and/or attending medical appointments?
  • Do you take your loved one for simple errands such as grocery shopping?
  • Do you have conversations with other family members or close friends regarding your concerns for your loved one’s safety?
  • Does your loved one repeat stories or ask the same questions repeatedly?
  • Do you assist your loved one with getting the mail, paying bills on time, and balancing the checkbook? Did this begin due to late payments or creditors contacting your loved one?
  • Has your loved one had a large increase in unexplained expenditures?
  • Has your loved one complained of falling or sustained unexplained bruises or other injuries?
  • Has your loved one complained of getting lost while driving?
  • Has your loved started a story and then forgotten the subject or been unable to finish?
  • Have your loved one’s prescriptions run out earlier than the refill date or are there still pills left in the bottle at the time of refill?
  • Do you (the caregiver) feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for your loved one?
  • Have you (the caregiver) been experiencing symptoms of anxiety or other stress-related symptoms such as hives of high blood pressure?
  • Have you (the caregiver) delayed dental and medical appointments or procedures because you are too busy caring for your loved one or others?


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