Trustee Training (for TLC Clients only)

Learn How to Be a Trustee with our Trustee Training

This event is exclusively for Hamilton Trust, Estate & Elder Law Firm clients and their families. Not a client yet? Give us a call at (229) 207-0850 to get started.

During this Trustee Training, you’ll:

✅ Gain valuable knowledge about trusts in general during our group workshop

✅ Learn about the crucial roles and responsibilities of successor trustees during the event of disability or death of the trustmaker

✅ Benefit from our proactive approach to education, which is especially useful during challenging times

✅ We encourage team involvement – from financial advisors, CPAs, children, and anyone else that you trust

✅ Have the opportunity for one-on-one meetings (upon request) to review your specific plan

✅ Be able to ask questions about your trust and how to best manage it.

Being a trustee is a team sport. We are here to provide the coaching and support you need to be successful! Register below.


Sat, September 23, 2023


10:00 am


Hamilton Trust, Estate & Elder Law
2502 North Oak Street Valdosta, Georgia 31602
Paul Hamilton

Featured Speaker

Paul Hamilton

Founder of Hamilton Trust, Estate & Elder Law, Paul is a lifelong learner dedicated to simplifying estate planning and elder law through education, helping families navigate life's unpredictable changes with peace of mind.

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